Out of the Woods — Trail Running

Another trail run after work before the daylight disappeared. I checked a map and plotted a rough route through a forested area close to home and I took off to do some more exploring. A cool trail with a huge tree that had fallen covering some of it. Before long I was getting cut to shreds by brambles — I guess folks don’t come this way too much. Got a fantastic view of Moel Ddu, Cnicht and the Moelwyns and had to fight the urge to carry on up towards Moel Ddu as it started to spit some rain. This video’s a bit rough around the edges in places. New settings, new tripod, more practice needed. Still had a fun time running it.

I hope you enjoy this video.





Running Trails / Climbing Rocks / Writing Sometimes

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Mathew Smith

Mathew Smith

Running Trails / Climbing Rocks / Writing Sometimes

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